Who are we

Ganaderos y artesanos del ibérico.

Four generations, in almost a century in the specialization of making hams and Iberian acorn sausages, we can surely guarantee you some unique pieces on your table.


Who are we
“Que tu alimento sea tu medicina y tu medicina sea tu alimento”. Hipocrates
The best way to obtain a product of the highest quality is to conserve and regenerate the natural environment of the pasture and that the animals consume the natural resources that the land gives, in a rational way without harming or degrading the soil and the environment, when these natural resources are not enough we provide them with good and healthy food. The raw materials consumed by our animals are ecological, we do not use transgenic products, pesticides, etc.
Our pure Iberian pigs are born in and live in absolute freedom in an extensive surrounding in the meadow throughout their lives.
One of our top priorities for our pigs is for them to be finished with acorns and other field resources.
We practice a regenerative agriculture and livestock, caring for both trees, fauna and vegetation. This production system favors the fixing of the contaminating particles in the soil, thus reducing the known greenhouse effect.

Production y artisanal curing

Who are we
Within the walls of a convent of nuns, from the year 1520 in Jerez de los Caballeros, the artisan activity of our company is carried out, where we elaborate and cure the hams, paletas, sausages, loins, etc. with a slow and natural curing process within the walls of this monument.
In the most natural way like we have always done, with the best raw materials, pure Iberian acorn pigs and with a standard and emblem of not using preservatives or colorants in our products, but like the way things were done before, well done and with time ...


This leafy area of oak and cork oaks in the Southwest region of Extremadura, is the scene where they are born and feed on the sacred fruit: the acorn. These prized protagonists, pure Iberian acorn-fed pigs, make the delight of the most demanding and privileged palates.

Acorn based Iberian Selection

¿What is, for us, a pure Iberian acorn-fed pig?
Pure Iberian, why? For being the one that best guards and guarantees the excellence and quality of the flavors of the acorn of the wild free range pigs that we breed in the meadow.
¿Why not cross breed the Iberian pigs with other pig species?
The majority of pigs in the market are a cross of Iberian pigs with other species of non-Iberian pigs, giving rise to more yield in terms of the quantity and the weight of these pigs, but not in quality. If it were not so, what sense would there be if we ranchers didn´t make those mixtures?
¿Does the pure Iberian acorn-fed pig have a lot of fat?
We are talking about wild Iberian acorn-fed pigs, without more, with a type of fat that is beneficial for our organism. A pure Iberian acorn ham with its essences, aromas and nuances that gives us that fat ... has no comparison with any other type of ham.
We use only high quality spices, salt, black pepper, paprika, garlic, without additives in our products...